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All associations are unique and have their specific needs. Because of this, the activities needed to manage an industry association will be different for each association. Our job is to work with, and listen to, the client to gain an understanding of their mandate in order to design a detailed plan to achieve the goals and objectives, and then to manage and execute that plan, modifying as conditions change. An important element in our approach to association management is continuous and frequent communication with the members and Board of Directors.


Responsible and transparent financial management
is the key to the long-term stability, reputation and
growth of any association.

Administrative and Secretariat Services

HPB provides a full-range of administrative and
secretariat services for associations’ Board of Directors
and Committees.

Member Recruitment
and Retention

The strength of all associations stems from its members. Associations are continually recruiting new members to improve their effectiveness. In collaboration with the association’s Board of Directors, HPB can tailor membership recruitment activities to fit the needs of the target market. HPB believes that an association must also provide continuous improvement and benefits in order to maintain a high retention rate.


Fostering legislation through government advocacy efforts is an important aspect of managing associations. Governments at all levels are influenced by the common concerns expressed by association members. HPB principals have had extensive advocacy experience and bring their expertise and knowledge of government contacts and structure to their clients.


One of the key mandates of any industry association is to provide educational and networking opportunities for its members through seminars, conferences, trade shows, and social events. HPB is a specialist in event management and can provide its clients with access to these services.

Website Development
and Maintenance

HPB offers its clients website content management services using through our partnership with Pixelera Inc of Ottawa. Pixelera can host your website and uses WordPress to help manage and keep your website up-to-date and secured against malicious activity.

Why Work With Us?

Canadian Industrial Transportation Association Case Study

In 2003, HPB was retained to manage the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association, an industry association that has been in existence since 1916.

The Challenge
Despite due diligence, once assuming the management, HPB found that the association’s finances were in crisis. There were significant outstanding invoices and virtually no cash resources. The Board of Directors was unaware of the depth of the problem.

The Solution
Working with the Board of Directors on an intense basis for several months, HPB was able to stabilize the finances, obtain funds through a voluntary special assessment to members, pay down outstanding invoices, revise the fee structure upwards without significant member attrition, and retire all long-term debts within a two and one half year period. This placed the association on a stable footing to grow the membership base and to improve both member services and advocacy.

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